The Cat Analogy

"When my neighbors renovated their house, they put in a new kitchen door with glass panes that begin about a foot up from the ground. The door opens out onto a ight of three brick steps leading down to the driveway. As neighbors do, we often exchange cat-sitting duties and when I head down the street to feed their cats (which are of the indoor variety) mine like to tag along for the walk. While I attend to the refilling of food and water dishes inside, one of my cat sits on their kitchen steps watching me through the window. If one of their cats happens to see him, she will hurl her body with all her might against the lower window panes of the kitchen door. The glass, effectively acting as a dielectric, attracts (induces) the female cat “electricity” on the opposite side from the male cat “electricity.” There is the same amount of charge on either side, but a different polarity. Capacitors (modern day Leyden Jars) work in the same way: an electric charge on one side of the dielectric creates an opposite polarity, but equal strength charge on the other side. Capacitance is the ability to hold this polarized charge."

excerpted from the Biography