Portrait Sitters

Poetry by

Jane Rice


American. Large I unmold a perfect custard. Friendship eats no lean. Girth of paint, of clay. Talk smokes and strides. Dainty appetites chat hats, perfume, forest strawberries with Alice. Walls of paintings wallpaper walls. Paris weeps. Ersatz coffee honey hoard. Cream and eggs by volume Mademoiselle.

The light, quick turns of language here really sparkle! And the vivid details Rice chooses seem to come out of nowhere to land perfectly, precisely, every time. Like any excellent portraitist, she exposes her subjects’ emotional landscapes, but she also goes beyond the frame of the individual to evoke an entire time and place. Montparnasse between the wars was so full of color, and Rice re-enacts it here.

Letterpress printed by Dan Keleher on Mohawk Letterpress paper from Univers type cast by Ed Rayher (with titles handset by Karen Randall from original mid-1950s ATF Univers foundry type). Printed in an edition of 150 with a limited additional set of deluxe copies which include a four-color image printed on gampi by means of a Vandercook press by Karen Randall. Hand bound by Karen Randall. 44 pp. 9½ x 12¾

$25 for the regular edition. The deluxe edition of 15 is sold out. Please contact me if you wish to order as the book is over-sized / requires an extra large photo mailer & thus shipping costs are variable.

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